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We are a small family run business offering an opportunity to spend some time with our Alpacas and will come to you. 

We would love to share our passion for both people and animals. And with extensive experience of working with a wide variety of people over 30 years, we believe spending time with one of our loving, friendly, Fleecy Beastlies, can have therapeutic value. 

Whether you are young, old or have a disability or difficulty we would love to meet you.  

We can visit your local fair, school, club, hospice, care home or residential home. One visit or a number of sessions available. 




Hi, my name is Catriona Macdonald who has a love for Alpacas ….. as do my family, Simon, Jamie and Francesca.


I have always loved Alpacas and until 3 years ago never imagined I would actually own any. As a lover of all animals, with dogs Hattie & Florence, our cat Matilda aka (chops), Peter Rabbit, and at the time numerous guinea pigs, Mungo and Magoo, Willow & Sweetpea, I decided indoor pets needed to stop.




It was then when our journey began, February 2015.

With a bit of research I found Barnacre Alpacas run by Debbie and Paul Rippon. After a visit, training day and lots of chats with Debbie, I fell in love with them and new I had to have one.

But where would we keep them ? In a field, we would need to move!?

But no, you don’t need land as Debbie and Paul at Barnacre Alpacas do livery. All too easy!!!


The thing is, one is not recommended, as quite rightly it would get lonely. So 1 became 3 almost immediately, with the intention we would move, but no rush as the Alpacas could stay at Barnacre and we could visit. 


Our first 3 Alpacas 2015


  1. Murray (named after Andy Murray in 1st win at Wimbledon).

  2. Amarillo (Little Tomato to us).

  3. Sam (Named after the Local Vet).

All was going well, we didn’t move due to family circumstances but my love for Alpacas grew.

Debbie did say in January 2015 on my first visit" be warned they are addictive"  she was right.


May 2016


Donald was born, on my birthday. How could I not have Donald it was an omen. So our 3 became 4.

As you will see I have all boys and by 2017 was wondering about girls.

My original plan was to have boys, recommended by Debbie as I wanted to do walks and introduce them into my job which is working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. Alpacas are extremely therapeutic as are many animals so seemed like a plan. I would also sell the yarn.

As we had not yet moved and I was just at the beginnings of looking at Alpacas becoming a serious job I decided a girl was the way forward.

Sadly my mam became seriously ill February 2017 and before she passed I presented her with 3 photo’s of females.

She picked Ealdgyth who became our 5th and as she was with cria by April we had a 7th,  Daisy Jane.

Daisy after mam’s cow and Jane after my mam. Ealdgyth is very special to us and happily gives kisses, she has such a lovely friendly nature.

In October 2017 I learned to knit, seemed crazy having all this gorgeous yarn and couldn’t knit. I’m now addicted to that also. From our gorgeous Alpacas to fleece, to yarn to a knitted product is just the best. And apparently it’s a kind of trendy thing to do now.

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So here we were June 2018

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I now have another addition, Teddy to join the clan, bought not just for his fluffy good looks but his colour, dark brown.

We have bought a trailer and are off to our 1ST EVENT, with our Fleecy Beastlies.

If after reading this you have an interested in Alpacas coming to an Event, School, Club, Residential Home, Hospice or Fair, please get in touch.

Now About Alpacas

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Alpacas - They are Old and been around for more than 6,000 years. In my eyes they are just be the cutest of all the Camelidae family, With their furry, fluffy bodies, slender necks, beautiful eyes and funny grins who could not love them.

There are 2 types of Alpaca, Suri with long dreadlock fleece and Huacaya with a  wooly dense fleece. They come in lots of different colors from white to black and everything in between.

With their quirky good looks and great personalities these creatures have the softest fibre. They are sheared annually, then from fleece goes to the spinners to turn into yarn. The fiber has been described as finer than cashmere, smoother than wool and not itchy, hypoallergenic.

Apparently it’s also flame resistant and water resistant,although I haven’t tried setting my yarn on fire!

They Hum and its the most common sound that alpacas make. Alpacas hum when they are curious, content, worried, bored, fearful, distressed or cautious. When startled or in danger, a staccato noise can be heard. 



Ealdgyth gave birth to a new cria on 20th June. She is named Effie and a welcome addition to the Macdonald clan !



Ealdgyth with daughters Effie & Daisy Jane

Ealdgyth with daughters Effie & Daisy Jane

Daisy Jane

Daisy Jane

Frobisher now part of the clan

Frobisher now part of the clan

Frobisher loves a pose

Frobisher loves a pose

May need to have this cute littl’un

May need to have this cute littl’un

Weigh in day - 52.6kg (what a big boy!)

Weigh in day - 52.6kg (what a big boy!)


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